Record Dashboard

The Records dashboard shows completed assessments that have been saved as a permanent record. Records can be set to active, the default, or archived.

The filter and assessment details can be expanded and collapsed in a manner similar to the assessment and program dashboards.

1 Record Menu Options

Click the menu icon to initiate actions for a record. The following table shows which menu options apply to each status category.

  active archived
report X X
reassess X
labels X X
rename X X
archive X
activate X

Report. Produces an on-screen report of the record that can be interactively manipulated and printed to a PDF file.

Reassess. Schedule/start a new assessment based on the record. Optionally, previous answers, attachments, and observations can be included in the new assessment as shown in the image.

Labels. Adds labels to use for filtering the records.

Rename. Renames the record.

Archive. Changes the status to archived.

Activate. Changes the status to active.



Reassess dialog panel